Monday, December 6, 2010

what i've been doing with myself

this is the scarf i'm working on. it is very wide like a shawl. i like to use huge needle (size 09) because it goes much faster, and you get a cool lacy look

the strap for the purse i'm making. the leather is from a jacket i got years ago and have been cutting up since. the  liner fabric is a vintage drapery, and the maroon i got from jo-ann's years ago 

the poinsettias i found! i told you my cat would eat em

this is an earring i made. the shells are from a necklace i got at the thrift store for .40,  and the gold is from a forever 21 necklace that (of course) fell apart. next to that is a bracelet i made yeeaars ago out of a sweater, some thread and pearly beads. all is set in front of a christmas decoration which i found in the alley a couple months back

the men's shirt i found recently

this is a hair piece. once again, thrift store shells, lace from a beautiful vintage dress that i cut the sleeves from, and other fabric from another vintage dress that simply did not fit well. 

another hair piece! reminds me of the little mermaid

found this pic on my camera! its from a year ago. i made that skirt. the waistband fabric is a vintage scrap i've had, and the other stuff was a remnant from jo-anns. it also has a very cute maroon zipper in the back.

my old room! boo hoo. was bright orange and red with purple floors. now it is sea foam green. to the right you can see my black and white picture collaged wall, which i packed in a folder and my ex bfs dumbass lazy stupid shit cat pissed on. i have since started a new one, but there were some beautiful/awesome pictures up there! yeah, i'm totally over it. anyway, i said i like xmas decor so there you go

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