Sunday, December 5, 2010

sunday sunday sunday

well well well. i am exhausted! i've been working on making a purse all day, which would most certainly be finished by now if it didn't take me hours to decide on fabrics. i did take a break for a few hours to use my borders rewards card $5 credit which expired today. i was going to get something bargain priced or a moleskine or somethin, but then i was a bit hungry so i got a breakfast sandwich and coffee instead.

i walked all the way home, stopped in some shops, found 12 cents on the ground but there was a homeless man nearby so i left it for him to find, which i highly doubt was his luck. also stopped in a "fro-yo" shop because they had a sign outside advertising hot chocolate, so i went in and sampled them all. of course, the ghirardelli was the best. i used my empty coffee cup so as not to be wasteful. (also i got more sample than in the 1oz cup haHA!)

i found a flamingo swizzle stick wearing a hat at the beginning of my journey (on halsted) and some poinsettias in the alley behind my apartment on my way home! which is good because real poinsettias are no good for cats, and my boo loves to feast on greenery. and i love christmas decorations year round.

so yesterday was fun. i made a beeswax candle which is pretty goddamn fun, you get to walk around in a circle and dip your wick until it's nice and thick. and it smells incredible. this was at the holiday fair, where in addition to the licorice sticks i saw a uke band, during which i thought to myself, as usual, once i get better on mine i will be famous. after that got some groceries with mom. i was going to go to one of two awesome shows last night but got too into my crafting plus it's so cold out.

one last thing, i haven't had a cigarette in over a week. my secret is simple. if you're really trying to quit, find a friend, or, even better, a friend with benefits, who has a very sore throat and cough. hang out and/or make out with friend, get sick, have no desire for a cigarette, and when you start getting better and thinking about that sweet fragrant tobacco chew a piece of nicotine gum instead. voila! having weed around to smoke instead helps a great deal as well. your tip o' the night!

one last last thing, i will post pictures tomorrow of recent creations. not tonight. i know you are all waiting with bated (abated) breath

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