Tuesday, December 7, 2010


well, yesterday after i was done with tutoring (chicagohopes.org) i stopped in jewel to see if they had any mint hersheys kisses. and i was starving! the kids practiced making lists yesterday and the little girl i was helping wanted me to write a christmas list with her, so we switched off every other line. i wrote "chocolate" and "spaghetti with meatballs". she wanted a car and a babydoll. anyway, so i was like maaan i wish jewel had some samples to tide me over! but it's monday, not sample day! so i wandered a bit more, looking for cute boys also, when BAM! a sample table! and what is he sampling? spaghetti sauce. it was awesome. there were four so i tried each one, it's called coupla guys and it's made in chicago and the arrabiata and puttanesca are so good. they do NOT have mint hersheys kisses at jewel, and they probably don't even make them anymore which is dumb because they are so good and i need them for my cookies. the kiss goes inside and its like a buttery truffle, oh my god. then i walked home and made spaghetti with soy meatballs. it was perfect.

and i also did some shopping yesterday. i spent $10 and got: 3 spools of thread, a pack of pins, interfacing, a hanging wall vase thing, a walkman, lace doily, small crocheted purse, green suede pants, glittery purple tulle, furry leopard collar, and a bag full of necklaces. another fine day.

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