Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i am sitting on the couch drinking sangria, feeling bad for all the evil lonesome looks my cat keeps giving me. but what a weekend i had! well, first of all: sam adams holiday pack. oh! oh oh it is so good, especially the chocolate.

so i went to dominicks thursday because i had to get rent money from the bank there. then i had all this cash on me (finally! my paycheck still hasn't cleared from before thanksgiving). my god, now my cat is resting his head on my hand and his paw on my mouse pad. anyway, i took a picture but i decided to check out the sales in the liquor department, then i decided i wanted beer, then i saw that my favorite was on sale! my favorite holiday pack, that is. so i bought it, and then i was walking home (i forgot my upass that day so i skipped my last french class and walked to the mexican bakery where they have the best coffee [brewed with cinnamon] for $1, then walked to the bank, then store) then i was walking home, i had gotten four blocks, i was having a nice fun walk when suddenly i happened upon some ice and dropped my holiday pack!

i thought maybe it was just one, but it was four. some guy walked by and i said "what should i do?" he said they would probably help me out, and he gave me his plastic bag to put my remaining beers in as he had just been at the store as well. i should have given him a beer as thanks because i walked all the way back there and they gave me a brand new holiday pack even though it was completely my fault. thanks!

later that night a couple friends came over that night and drank some with me.

friday: another holiday pack! i owed my coworker from when he bought me that bottle of whiskey when my card didn't work. so i went there on my lunch break to pick up the goods and also had a jalapeno cheddar bagel with seafood salad for lunch. well, two. mmm!

hung out with another friend later that night, did a bit of painting. played a couple uke songs for him.

saturday, i woke up to a phone call and i usually don't answer unknown numbers but for some reason i did and it was an old friend of mine from out of town who had changed his number for some reason. he asked me what i was doing and i told him i just finished school this week and he was like oh so you have time to hang? and i was like hell yeah! so he bought me a ticket to new york for that night. when i got there all of my dreams came true: i had my first brandy alexander. well, two. they were so tasty!

we didn't go to sleep that night, had a fight actually, but then everything was alright and time was flying and we played music for awhile in his big soho loft. 'twas fun!

the next day he was very hungover so i went about by myself, which i always enjoy. i went to videogames ny because i texted my boss to say i wouldn't be coming in today and he asked me to pick something up for him from there. unfortunately they didn't have it! which sucks because it was a ghostbusters game and i totally woulda played it with him.

so i tried to find my way downtown, but i was stopped by a foodcart  guy who offered to take me to lunch and of course i couldn't refuse. i had crab cakes and glenlivet and johnnie walker, and who knew that a shot could ever possibly be $30!? well i had two of them.

later we smoked a blunt, listened to some shitty (but catchy) pop music, and then he dropped me off back by my friends. i didn't make out with him or anything if you were wondering. either of them, actually...

my friend and i spent way too long in whole foods (3 hours?), came back to his place, i did his dishes as "thanks", and then i passed out, only to be awaken mere hours later to catch a cab to the airport, which he gave me $50 for in exchange for cleaning his (smaller) bathroom. slept the whole way back to chicago, then took the blue line straight to work. a fine weekend!

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