Saturday, December 4, 2010

my very first time

well! i am the master of all things free. some may call me a witch, i call myself lucky. and resourceful. also, spending money is very stressful so i manage to avoid it at most costs. what have i pulled off this week?
Let's see...sunday i received a weatherization kit for free! if you live in chicago, you can get one also. it comes with the plastic that you shrink wrap in your windows, fluorescent lightbulbs, some foam, caulk, a book, etc! and all in a nice little tote bag.
monday i don't think i acquired anything..but tuesday! i got to class quite early so i decided to traipse around downtown for a bit. wandered into the cultural center (that building is truly fucking incredible) and what is going on but a local designer holiday shopping event! one woman had some very cool leather jewelry which inspired me to make a purse sized leather bound journal for my stepmother for christmas. which, of course, i have not started yet.
so i'm leaving the show and what do i see on the table to my left? boxes of cupcakes! these weren't some nasty ass jewel cupcakes, these were the real deal, from the fairmont hotel. and i also got a card that gives me 20% off at the bar, restaurant, and spa. forever.
so  i walked back to class, eating my rich chocolate free cupcake, smiling because it was free and everyone was obviously jealous (i really wanted to tell someone "there are FREE cupcakes at the cultural center!! hurry, they only have 2 boxes!" but no one looked deserving/wanting enough). so yes. then on to french class, then on to the fairmont! to have a bloody mary with pepper vodka( and their delightful bar snacks...wasabi peas, honey roasted peanuts, sesame sticks...the remains of which i saved in a kleenex in my backpack). it was quite busy in there for a tuesday, so i just moseyed on out and didn't have to use my 20% off after all! wednesday i found a coupon for a free starbucks coffee on the ground, and smoked two (!..never a good plan) blunts with my neighbor.
thursday was the i-go holiday parhhty. i signed up for i-go months ago because my boo boo needed a good tooth cleanin n pullin, and the cheap vet is in a faraway land called "chicago ridge". it was about 400 bucks cheaper to go here than a regular vet. so i invited a couple friends to the party at the merchandise mart, which unfortunately had drink tickets (one drink!?) but the food (salad, pasta, jambalaya, cheesecake, cookies...) was delicious. also got a reusable bag filled with about a dozen bags of chips and a pen. i think i have already eaten all the chips...but they are less fat than regular potato chips sooo it's fine
today i found a flier on the ground for a midget sex show, and smoked this legal "herbal smoking blend" with my "bandmates". that will get you quite, quite high.
And of course (here comes your tip o the mornin'), i never pay more than 55 cents for my large ("venti") starbucks coffee. simply keep the cup! forever! i like to put a lot of sugar, chocolate powder, nutmeg and half n half in mine, it is just perfect. i used to go to cosi where they have FREE refills, but they decided to be assholes about it one day so fuck them, i will not be going back there until my plan is in action, which i will detail another day.
so, i guess thats my week in free shit. i'd say i've done pretty well for myself considering my bank account has had -$60 since before thanksgiving. i suppose this is a bit long for a first blog-who's gonna want to read this shit?? and there is still so much i didn't mention! hopefully i will get my digi-cam up and running shortly so i can post pictures to pique your interest. until then, music!

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