Saturday, December 4, 2010

i am the weatherization master

update! my roommate texted me earlier with some breaking news. our gas bill is...dun dun dun...$85!!! so i got my free weatherization kit open and so far have shrink wrapped two windows (minus the actual hair drier shrinking bit, i'll have to find an extension cord), added a rubber insulator to my door frame, and caulked a gap on the floor next to the door.

would you like some tips to keep your bills low? always keep the thermostat below 68, turn it down more when you go to bed because you'll be under the covers anyway, unplug your chargers! my booklet said that can be the culprit for 10% of your electric bill, turn the water off while brushing your teeth (duh), don't be openin the oven door, checkin out your cake, because each time it lowers the temperature 25 degrees!

 and this is my biggest pet peeve so listen up! be aware while washing dishes! you can cut down to the water you use by about 1000% if you just do this little trick that i always do. so, first rinse your dishes a bit, quickly, so they aren't totally gunky. then put soap on your sponge and, leaving the water OFF, wash the dishes. i usually do a bowl then fill it with silverware, stack the plates up, do some glasses, THEN, when you have a nice stack of sudsy dishes, rinse em! you'll use the water for a total of about 1 min, rather than the 5 or 10 worth that some people use when they leave the water running the entire time. yep, a thousand percent...

i forgot to mention one other thing in my last post-all of my alley finds. this week i found a cool bright blue and black fun islandy printed mens shirt which will become a very cute button up dress, a boys athletic tee which i will give to my other roommate, and some floral printed drapes, which may continue to be such because we sure need em. everyone on the block surely knows how much time i spend on this couch in front of these bare windows.

now i will go to sugartown and then off to bed. i have to be up early for a holiday clarinet show with mom. i am excited

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